Cloud and Innovation

The Cloud is often misunderstood and intimidating; however, our Cloud Architects are experts at developing the appropriate and optimal Cloud strategy for your organization. We will walk you through the many different options as it relates to your data, applications, security requirements, and mission objectives.

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On-Premise and Private Cloud

Whether your private cloud is on-premise in your datacenter or hosted in a colocation, our Experts can help plan, design, and implement a strategy that keeps you in complete control of your data and applications.


Hybrid Cloud (Cloud Connected)

When adding or migrating data/applications/services to a third-party cloud provider, many operational and financial benefits can be realized immediately. However, complexities and unexpected obstacles could arise if orchestration between platforms is not designed and implemented correctly. We are Experts at leveraging our best practices experience with our vast array of Cloud service providers to ensure your environment is solutioned and optimized to meet your organization's IT objectives and realize a rapid ROI.


Public Cloud

When utilizing Public Cloud services or resources, there are many questions about how it will integrate into your current IT infrastructure. Our Experts will walk you through these complexities to ensure your data is secure, accessible, and seamlessly integrated. Whether it's adding GMail to replace an aging Exchange environment or utilizing public cloud resources for DevOps, Madison Cloud can provide the direction and expertise to ensure your project is a success.

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