Emerging Technologies

Our emerging technology partners and application practices complement each other to solve specific mission objectives. Below are some examples of our technology partners, their solutions and our internal emerging technology practices.

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GD Mission Systems - Pitbull Trusted OS

The PitBull® Trusted Operating System provides protection at the most foundational layer to allow you to develop systems, applications, and solutions with access controls and integrity throughout all levels.

  • Provides Secure Foundation for Applications
  • Segregates Data, Applications and Interfaces
  • Contains Data Loss and Prevents Data Spillage
  • Reduces Insider Threat Risk
  • Lowers Zero Day Attack Risk


Internet of Things (IoT)

With data capture at the edge being imperative to so many mission objectives, analysis of the data in a secure, fast, and productive manner causes many issues. Our IoT solutioning approach leverages several industry-leading technologies along with our system integration capabilities as demonstrated through our Madison Cloud Appliances to optimize and streamline capture and analytic processes.

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