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How To Create a Cost Efficient Hybrid Cloud

How can you integrate your on-premises data with your cloud data with an easy-to-manage, unified storage fabric while minimizing costs? In this short webinar, experts from Madison Cloud and StorONE dive into the solution.

Ideally, you should leverage cloud providers as a utility and switch between on-premises and multiple providers seamlessly. The problem is moving data between these locations is difficult. On-Premises storage is different than cloud-hosted storage, and each cloud provider uses a different storage architecture. You can migrate data, but then you have to pay for migration software, handle errors, pay for duplicate storage, and, most importantly, wait for data to transfer. These various silos also complicate already complicated processes like backup and disaster recovery.

The increasing costs and never-ending complexities mean most organizations never fully benefit from the hybrid cloud model. In our webinar you will learn how private multi-cloud storage can:

* Lower on-premises costs TODAY!

* Lower DR costs TODAY!

* Simplify Migration to your first cloud with better performance!

* Provide seamless migration to multiple clouds!

* Dramatically reduce cloud storage costs.