Software-Defined Datacenter

Since the introduction and widespread adoption of server virtualization, it has become more evident the physical limitations hardware has imposed on software and overall system performance. Software innovation has been exceeding the rate of hardware innovation for years. The software-defined datacenter removes these limitations and allows hardware resources to be pooled together for not just computing, but storage, security, and networking. Our experts can help organizations transition from a hardware-based infrastructure to realize all the benefits of software-defined architecture and be Cloud ready.  


As applications continue to increase in complexity, the demand for efficiently utilizing compute resources becomes more challenging. Whether it's server/datacenter resources, client resources, or both, our Experts can help optimize your resource utilization while greatly decreasing your hardware costs.

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Traditional storage architecture and legacy code is no longer able to keep up with all the innovations in storage technology, especially drive performance and capacities. Software-defined storage is changing the game allowing for ultra high performance, flexibility, simplicity, and protection, at a fraction of the cost.

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There are many security advantages in the software-defined datacenter but the architecture is much different than protecting legacy systems. Our Experts can help you understand the security challenges and help you implement easy-to-manage solutions that keep your data and applications safe.

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Our network virtualization solutions allow you to deliver networking and security entirely in the software layer, completely abstracted from the underlying physical infrastructure. Our Experts can help you plan, design, and implement a network architecture that meets current and future requirements; on-prem or in the Cloud.

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Software-defined Computing

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One hypervisor or virtualization solution does not fit all. We are partnered with VMware, Microsoft, Red Hat, and Citrix and are experts at determining how to best maximize your current resources while increasing the performance and reliability of your applications. As organizations integrate Cloud technologies into their infrastructure, we help create an adoption and implementation plan for seamless Hybrid Cloud integration for any CSP you may choose.

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Client / End-User

There are obvious security reasons to virtualize desktops and/or applications but even the smallest overlooked detail could cause huge disruptions to your organization. Our Experts and Partners have the experience and tools to make sure the design is sound and implementation goes as seamless as possible. Management of the virtualized clients will be simplified and can span across public clouds, private data centers or any combination of the two.  

Software-defined Storage



The wait is over for a software-defined storage technology that delivers enterprise class storage, high performance, complete data protection with no performance degradation and lower costs than the cloud. S1 from StorONE is what the industry has been promising for the last decade but never delivered: a ground-breaking advance in storage technology that outperforms virtually any other storage solution on the market. S1 is the industry’s ONLY high performance and high capacity storage software solution that delivers immediate ROI with ease of use and complete integrated enterprise data protection. 

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All storage services are included in a single system providing simplicity, flexibility and ease of use.

  • Supports all protocols (block, file, and object), drives, workloads and applications running together in the same system.
  • Future-proof – Get the benefits of the latest drive innovation by mixing any drive types (NVMe/SSD/HDD), capacity and performance.
  • We are high performance by default. No need to install proprietary drivers on the host or change any configurations to get high performance.

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Software-Defined Security

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SaaS and IaaS Security

Hybrid Cloud infrastructures utilizing SaaS or IaaS pose new challenges for security professionals. To protect the data in the Cloud, our Experts and partners have the experience and solutions designed to protect from targeted attacks on SaaS applications, Cloud-based email, as well as shared files and downloads on Box, OneDrive, and more.

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Software-Defined Perimeter

The traditional network perimeter is a thing of the past. Users demand access from external networks needing to get to your applications and data which now run anywhere from multi-site to multi-cloud. Utilizing DH2i's innovative new approach to networking connectivity enables organizations to create a Software Defined Perimeter (SDP). This provides users with application-level segmentation / isolation / protection which we believe is superior to giving them access to an entire slice of the network. Giving limited access at the app level rather than network level is a critical component to implementing Zero Trust, due to its minimization of the overall attack surface.

Software-Defined Networking

Network, Security, Checkpoint, Software-Defined, DH2i, Perimeter, HP, Dell, Nutanix, Hyperconverged

The Software-defined Datacenter can not operate effectively without combining hardware and software network resources and network functionality into a single, software-based administrative entity, a virtual network.

Our network architects will automate networking and security services to remove operational bottlenecks across any application platform or framework. In addition, bring networking and security consistency across heterogeneous sites and streamline multi-cloud operations.

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