Unify Your Cloud and On-Prem Data

Bridge the gap between your cloud and on-prem environments and manage your entire data footprint from a single management console. Utilizing the same storage software in both cloud and on-prem deployments, Madison Cloud offers built-in replication while supporting all data types (file, block, and object) and all workloads from a single system.


Run apps in any/all major CSPs simultaneously

Similar to traditional SAN/NAS architecture, cloud applications run in any/all of the major cloud service providers (CSPs) while direct high-speed connections are made to their primary data source centrally located in a private storage enclave in one or more of our datacenters.

You are then able to easily create, manage, and present storage volumes to those applications just like you would in an on-premises datacenter.

Build and change your environment as desired

With Madison Cloud, your data doesn’t have to follow your applications to their respective clouds. Through direct high-speed connections to your CSPs’ primary data source, you are able to easily create, manage, and present storage volumes to your applications just like you would in an on-premises datacenter with centralized storage.

Get predictable fixed pricing

Madison Cloud pricing is fixed upfront. After customizing your private storage cloud or your on-premises storage, we will present you with a simple easy-to-understand fixed monthly price. Adding or reducing capacity, tiers, bandwidth, or connections is as easy as updating the configuration and modifying the contract.

 No surprises.

Manage entire data footprint from a single console

Create and manage volumes for File, Object, and Block via a single console; Get powerful monitoring features to track system health, storage performance and utilization; Define levels of redundancy for individual application volumes based on priority; Create custom application templates for common use cases; Create snapshots for multiple volumes or for all volumes at the same time.

Seamlessly move data between environments

With built-in symmetrical and asymmetrical replication, easily copy and migrate data across your cloud and on-premises environments. A unified storage fabric bridges together your entire data footprint giving you the freedom to create optimal storage policies according to corporate objectives and best practices.

Complete data privacy with isolated network traffic

Madison Cloud utilizes 100% private cloud storage on dedicated servers with 24/7/365 continuous network and cybersecurity monitoring. Unlike public CSPs or other private clouds, you’ll enjoy isolated network traffic and your own dedicated storage enclave for total data privacy.


Applications run in the public cloud service provider of your choice.

Direct connections made between your cloud apps and your private cloud storage enclave in Madison Cloud.

Data stored in dedicated private storage enclaves


Primary data and/or backup data for cloud-based applications is stored in Madison Cloud.

Manage your entire data footprint, cloud and on-prem, from a single management console.


Secure connection between on-prem environment and Madison Cloud for seamless data replication and unified storage fabric.