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Private MultiCloud Storage

On-premise or in the Cloud, rethink your enterprise storage and unleash the power of Private MultiCloud Storage to elevate your expectations on Cloud security, performance, capacity, and flexibility. Cloud deployments, hosted in Equinix datacenters, offer 100% private data storage with direct connect capabilities to all the main cloud services providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. This game-changing solution allows for the building and growing of traditional enterprise storage infrastructures while accounting for current or future integration of cloud services. 

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HP, Dell, EMC, Netapp, VMware, Citrix, Hard Drives, Memory, Processors, Intel

Think OpEx

With volatile technology demands and unpredictable budgets, rethink the way you consume technology. Our pay-for-what-you-use OpEx pricing model options allow you to minimize risk, maximize agility, while stabilizing financial predictability.


Madison Cloud Workload Appliances

The Madison Cloud Appliance (MCA) is our innovative private/hybrid cloud solution designed for a variety of specific workloads including DevOps, hybrid cloud migration, edge computing, and field-based IT operations. 

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Madison Cloud is dedicated to supporting the Public and Private sectors with current and emerging technology solutions. Specializations in private and hybrid Cloud services, system integration and COTS procurement help organizations optimize current infrastructures while leveraging Cloud technologies to align with future mission objectives 


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