Backup, Recovery, and Archive

Centralize and simplify your backup, recovery, and archive strategy.

Backup and Protect centrally, Recover anywhere

A simple backup strategy is an effective one. With data being generated everywhere and environments becoming increasingly sprawled across multiple clouds and on-premises facilities, it has become complex to properly backup and protect data. Madison Cloud cuts through the complexity by offering centralized cloud storage able to be connected anywhere and compatible with nearly every backup software provider.

Single source management and flexible high-speed CSP and ISP connectivity allows for increased confidence in data resiliency and recovery objectives.

Long term data retention policies can utilize our low-cost storage for a tiered archive strategy.

Don’t assume your Cloud Providers are protecting your data!
A common misconception is that the major CSPs automatically backup customer data. The reality is that data is the responsibility of the customer; the AWS “Shared Responsibility Model” being an example of this. Even if utilizing your CSPs’ backup storage services, it is still best practices to keep backup copies of your data external to the cloud in which your primary data lives.

Simplified and Flexible Backup

Backup all your cloud and on-prem environments to a centralized private cloud and utilize the backup software of your choice.

Protect against Ransomware

Utilize a frequent backup schedule with immutable snapshots to protect your data from ransomware attacks.

Predictable Fixed Pricing

No monthly surprises. Based on your customizations, your monthly price is fixed.

Relevant Deployment Options

Veeam Cloud Storage

S3 Object Storage

OSNexus Cloud