High-Performance NVMe Storage Cloud (HPSC)


Deploy a storage cloud that can keep up with your high-performance computing demands.

Dedicated NVMe Resources presented through High-Throughput Networking

Connect your high-performance compute environments from any cloud to a centralized NVMe-based storage environment via high-throughput network connections. Madison Cloud’s HPSC is the perfect fit for high demanding cloud-based services like machine learning (ML) and analytics.

There is even an option to add a lower cost capacity tier for data that is less frequently accessed. And, as with all Madison Cloud solutions, pricing is always fixed… even during an HPC sprint.

Dedicated NVMe Resources

Maintain complete control and privacy of your data and utilize the full IOPS potential of NVMe.

Cloud Freedom and Flexibility

Present high-performance resources as primary storage to multiple clouds simultaneously.

Predictable Fixed Pricing

No monthly surprises. Based on your customizations, your monthly price is fixed.

Use Cases

Analytics and Business Intelligence