IoT (Internet of Things)

With data being generated everywhere, consolidate that data to a storage cloud optimized for multicloud and hybrid cloud environments.

All about Data Mobility

A successful and productive deployment of IoT (Internet of Things) technology is all about data mobility. From the individual IoT devices at the edge to the centralized data storage in the cloud, the transfer of data needs to be streamlined, simple, and efficient for real-time insights and analysis.

Madison Cloud’s unified storage fabric consisting of appliances located on-premises and in the cloud allow for seamless integration of geographically disbursed environments. Built-in replication automatically migrates data from origin to destination for immediate analysis such as real-time asset tracking, logistics and supply chain management, predictive maintenance, and more.

Having the ability to rapidly analyze information locally at a factory or warehouse and globally in the cloud provides organizations with the intelligence to optimize their business processes.

Steamlined Data Mobility

Automatically replicate data from IoT edge devices to the cloud.

Flexible Hybrid Deployment Model

Deploy storage appliances on-prem and replicate to the cloud for local and global analytics.

Predictable Fixed Pricing

No monthly surprises. Based on your customizations, your monthly price is fixed.

Relevant Deployment Options

Hybrid Cloud

High-Performance NVMe Storage Cloud

OSNexus Cloud