“Working with Madison Cloud as our cloud partner has been a revolutionary game-changer for our business”

“Working with Madison Cloud as our cloud partner  has been a revolutionary game-changer for our business. One of the standout features of their service is the exceptional security measures they have in place. We can rest easy knowing that our data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, providing us with the peace of mind we need in today’s data-driven world. The implementation of immutable snapshots and comprehensive data protection further ensures the safety and integrity of our critical business information.

Setting up and integrating with Madison Cloud was a seamless experience. Their team of experts acted as true partners, guiding us through every step of the process as we migrated from our previous cloud  provider. Their deep understanding of our needs and their commitment to delivering a tailored solution were evident from the start. We felt fully supported, and their expertise made the transition smooth and efficient.

The speed and performance of Madison Cloud’s platform are truly remarkable. Thanks to their private high-speed connections, accessing our stored data feels like it’s right on our premises. Furthermore, their innovative approach has significantly reduced our time to recovery of data by over 50%. This level of efficiency and responsiveness has had a direct impact on our business operations, allowing us to quickly recover from any unforeseen events and minimize downtime.

Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the services provided by Madison Cloud. Their unwavering commitment to security, coupled with their exceptional customer support, has made them an invaluable partner. The ease of use and integration of their platform, combined with the outstanding speed and performance, have exceeded our expectations. Choosing Madison Cloud has been one of the best decisions we’ve made, and we highly recommend their services to any business in need of reliable and secure cloud  solutions.”



“Development and testing are easier with Madison Cloud. Having the freedom to simultaneously develop applications in different clouds from a centralized data pool reduces complexity and allows us to be more creative. In addition, we’re able to rapidly create editable snapshots of any dataset which allows our developers a full sandbox copy of their environment on which to test.”

Greg Ross-Munro

CEO, Sourcetoad

“With Madison Cloud, we’re able to run our serverless app instances in AWS Lambda directly from our data stores in our private cloud. Having complete control of our data is very important to us.”
Ken Pomella

CEO, Revstar Consulting