Veeam Cloud Service Provider

Move, manage, protect and recover critical data including backup from any cloud and on-prem environment to/from a centralized private cloud

Centralize your backups in a Private Cloud

As a Veeam Cloud Service Provider dedicated to private cloud storage, Madison Cloud is completely independent from the major CSPs ensuring that your backup data will not be affected if there is an outage or security breach in your compute cloud.

A common misconception is that the major CSPs automatically backup customer data. The reality is that data is the responsibility of the customer; the AWS “Shared Responsibility Model” being an example of this. Even if utilizing your CSPs’ backup storage services, it is still best practices to keep backup copies of your data external to the cloud in which your primary data lives.

Madison Cloud + Veeam is a powerful centralized backup solution allowing for the backup of data from virtually any source in the cloud or on-prem

Ransomware Protection

Comprehensively protect from ransomware with immutable snapshots, automated backup verifications, and fast recoveries.

Consolidated Backups

The emergence of cloud and adoption of IoT technologies has led to the decentralization of data and IT environments. Consolidate and protect your backups in a private cloud.

Re-use Backup Data

Instantly restore VMs in a sandbox environment and connect that environment to any major cloud for faster, flexible, application development

Use Cases


Backup and Recovery