Free your development from the locked-in nature of public clouds.

Develop Apps in any Cloud

As the concept of “data gravity” describes the attractive gravitational-like nature between data and applications, organizations that are heavily invested in a single cloud typically feel compelled, if not forced, to perform all their development in that same cloud. This is the case even if the development tools in that respective cloud are less than ideal.

Centralized private cloud storage from Madison Cloud is the anti-gravity solution. Application development no longer must take place in the same cloud in which its data resides. By abstracting the data from the cloud applications, development (and application hosting) can take place in the cloud most ideal for that respective application.

Enterprise storage management features available within Madison Cloud also accelerate the development and testing of applications. Endless editable snapshots of full datasets can be presented to any cloud to simulate a production environment and can be disposed when they are no longer needed.

Flexible Development Options

Simultaneously develop applications in multiple clouds utilizing the same dataset in a centralized private storage cloud.

Reusable Data

Create endless editable snapshots of complete datasets to simulate a production environment.

Predictable Fixed Pricing

No monthly surprises. Based on your customizations, your monthly price is fixed.

Relevant Deployment Options

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S3 Object Storage

OSNexus Cloud