Madison Cloud Edge Appliances

Integrate your IT environments on-premises and in the cloud.

Seamless Hybrid Cloud Data Mobility

One of the biggest hybrid cloud challenges is managing data across on-prem and cloud environments because they are typically very isolated from one another. Certain applications may be desired on-prem to meet high-performance requirements such as artificial intelligence or graphic-heavy computing while other applications are best suited to be stored in the cloud. The result is that the underlying data commonly becomes siloed.

Madison Cloud Edge Appliances can be deployed at any on-premises location to create a unified storage fabric or storage grid across an organization’s entire footprint; on-prem and in the cloud. Data flows seamlessly between locations and Madison Cloud via built-in bidirectional replication and the entire fabric can be managed from a single user interface. Additional layers of data protection and security are also inherent to the fabric while backup and recovery strategies are greatly simplified.

Madison Cloud Edge Appliances are available in several different form factors, performance/networking configurations, and are customized to best fit your on-premises environment. Deploy simple under-the-desk tower servers, multi-petabyte rackmount systems, or even ruggedized systems fit for extreme environments.

Built-in Bidirectional Replication

Seamlessly replicate data across on-prem and cloud environments.

Greatly Simplified Data Management

Manage your entire environment from a single user interface. Deploy file, block, and object volumes, set replication, data protection, security policies, and more!

Predictable Fixed Monthly OPEX Pricing

For edge deployments and cloud deployments, monthly OPEX pricing is always fixed.

Relevant Deployment Options

hybrid cloud

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Backup, Recovery, and Archive