S3 Object Private Cloud Storage

Low cost, easy to deploy S3 object storage presented privately to cloud and on-prem environments.

Freedom and Simplicity at up to 80% less than AWS S3

With centralized S3 Object storage from Madison Cloud, you’re no longer handcuffed to your cloud service provider. Agilely adopt new cloud services and easily integrate with your on-prem environment for primary storage, backup storage, or both.

Connect your S3 Private Cloud Storage via high-speed private connections to CSPs such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Salesforce, and thousands more!

Used as a simple backup target, you are able to better protect your data against ransomware and other external threats by backing up to a location independent of your main infrastructure. Madison Cloud S3 Object storage is compatible with most major backup software providers.

Predictable Fixed Low Price

Eliminate the monthly sticker shock of your cloud data storage bill. With Madison Cloud, your bill is fixed with no egress or other hidden fees.

Private Networking

Private connections are made to your virtual private cloud instances in any/all major CSPs and on-prem facilities.

Unmatched Flexibility for Backups

Simplify your backup strategy by centralizing your cloud and on-prem backup data. We support most major backup software providers.

Use Cases


Backup and Recovery