Analytics and Business Intelligence

Consolidate your organization’s data for more comprehensive analytics.

Break down Cloud barriers for Analytical Freedom

Analytics and business intelligence is only as good as its underlying data. With data being generated everywhere and becoming increasingly sprawled and isolated, performing analytics and business intelligence services can be difficult. Siloed data pools may lead to incomplete analysis and force IT administrators to utilize tools that are less than ideal.

By consolidating your data into a centralized data lake that can be simultaneously accessed by nearly every cloud, you’re able to utilize the best analytics and business intelligence tools regardless of the cloud in which they reside.

As an example, if you store your data in Madison Cloud, you can analyze data created in AWS with tools that reside in IBM Cloud. Now that’s true analytical freedom!

Cloud Agnostic Freedom

Utilize tools from one cloud to analyze data created in another.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

Consolidate your data created anywhere for more comprehensive analytics and business intelligence.

Predictable Fixed Pricing

No monthly surprises. Based on your customizations, your monthly price is fixed.

Relevant Deployment Options

High-performance NVME STORAGE Cloud

S3 Object Storage

OSNexus Cloud