Whether you need a 10 PB system at headquarters or a small 1 TB system at a remote office, significantly reduce infrastructure and support costs while maximizing performance and density with the deployment of Madison Cloud On-Prem Appliances.

Madison Cloud On-Prem Appliances are built on the same software-defined storage as our private cloud. It’s now easy to expand to the cloud or integrate an existing cloud environment. Your entire data footprint can be managed from a single management console and with build-in replication, data can seamlessly flow as desired throughout your unified storage fabric.

crush data storage costs

without compromising.



with full features.



with minimal hardware.



How can a storage vendor reduce the cost of storage? After all, most storage vendors are software developers. While hardware does matter, all storage vendors have access to the same servers, interface cards, and storage media, so they can only lower the cost of their solutions by lowering the amount of profit they make on the sale of their software or system.

We do things differently.

we maximize performance per drive

Typical enterprise storage providers get less than 50K IOPS per flash drive, but 500K IOPS flash drives utilizing our platform get 475K IOPS. That means one of our systems with as few as four drives can easily deliver over 1 million IOPS while still providing enterprise features like protection from media failure, snapshots, and replication.

We also require less from the storage server. We can deliver these performance numbers with modest server requirements. Our competitors require their customers to buy a full shelf of twelve or twenty-four drives and require high-end servers to deliver even this low per drive performance.

we maximize drive capacity

Most storage vendors don’t want you to utilize the full capacity of each drive you buy. In many cases as they cross the 50% capacity mark, it impacts performance of the system or volume. With Madison Cloud, you can fill the drives nearly to full capacity without impacting performance. Our customers find they need half as many drives as our competitors to meet the organization’s capacity AND performance demands.

we utilize the storage system for all use cases

Most storage vendors focus their efforts on solving one data center use case. Some provide fast block storage, others provide scalable file storage and still others provide protection or archive storage. Today’s data center often has seven or more storage systems from three or more storage vendors. Our partners offer enterprise storage platforms, which means they can address multiple data center use cases like high-performance block storage for databases, hybrid storage for virtual environments, high-performance or high-capacity NAS/Object file storage, high-capacity protection storage and cloud-native storage.


Our enterprise storage platform goes beyond basic data rollback functionality to provide invincible data protection to help organizations not only recover quickly but also retain data indefinitely, without impacting performance.

advanced raid technology

Our platform partners advance the standard RAID technology used in most primary storage systems by using erasure coding. It is a protection method standard in object storage systems but not in high-performance storage systems, giving you all the benefits of erasure coding without the performance penalty.

With advanced RAID technology, organizations can set their protection level per volume or workload. IT can set mission-critical workloads to survive three or more drive failures but set their less critical workloads to survive only two or even one drive failure. The settings are all customizable per volume and do not impact system performance.

high availability

Our platform’s high availability feature creates a cluster between two servers to ensure data remains accessible, even if one server fails. Each server (physical or virtual) is active, so the performance load is automatically split between the two systems. If one server goes down, the surviving server automatically takes over the other server’s LUNs until the failed server is repaired or replaced.


Our platform’s snapshot feature gives us the ability to take an unlimited number of snapshots per volume and retain those snapshots indefinitely. The quantity, age, and nesting level of the snapshots do not impact performance. Snapshots can be set to read-only, protecting them from ransomware, immutable protecting them from rogue users or to read/write to enable data reuse.


Our platform replicates data between multiple systems, either synchronously or asynchronously, enabling our customers to survive a site failure with no data loss or application interruption

cacheless architecture

Our architecture uses no NVDIM, MRAM, or NVRAM. It’s performance numbers are direct to media, and lowers overall storage server cost while increasing data integrity and simplifying HA design.


All vendors claim high performance. Our enterprise storage platforms not only deliver high-performance, they do so with the highest possible levels of efficiency.

90% of raw drive performance

Most storage systems on the market today can only deliver ~20% of the rated performance of each individual drive within the system. Our approach provides 90% of the raw drive performance. How? We abandon the status quo and create new storage algorithms for all core storage functions.

minimal cpu and memory utilization

Thanks to our partners’ sophisticated algorithms, we deliver this high performance while requiring less CPU power and less system memory than our competition.

big impact

Deliver more performance than your users need, with less compute, memory, and drives. Dramatically lower the cost of high performance storage without deduplication and compression. Future-proof your storage and exact maximum performance from next-generation hardware.

IOPS with just five NVMe SSDs

IOPS with just five SAS SSDs

with just 24 HDDs