Madison Cloud Launches Latest in Cloud Storage Innovation

Madison Cloud Launches Latest in Cloud Storage Innovation with Private MultiCloud Storage Solution.

July 19, 2020

St. Petersburg, FL, Madison Cloud, a market changing data storage innovator, announces the launch of their latest solution, Private MultiCloud Storage (PMCS). Built on StorONE’s software defined storage platform, PMCS solves multicloud data problems with a centralized, secure, and simple way to manage cloud storage.

The average organization uses about 5 clouds and experiments with another 2 to 3 clouds. Managing data in this growing multicloud environment becomes incredibly complex and introduces an array of management and security issues. Data sprawl combined with the difficulty of moving data between clouds, also known as data gravity, prevents organizations from realizing the full flexible benefits of cloud. Meanwhile, hosting data across several public clouds introduces security risks.

Madison Cloud PMCS was designed from the ground up to help organizations get ahead of their changing storage requirements while hardening the security of their cloud data. PMCS is a centralized private storage cloud that allows users to continue running compute workloads in the cloud of their choice (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.). It solves the multicloud data problem.

“The race to the cloud over the last decade has resulted in so many amazing innovations in terms of infinitely scalable, flexible and intelligent applications, but issues surrounding data management and security have been weighing heavily on the minds of IT administrators,” said Madison Cloud CEO, Randall Van Allen. “Similar to what centralized enterprise storage did for the on-premise datacenter, we developed Private MultiCloud Storage to bring the data storage side of the cloud equation up to speed, with the added security of private cloud.”

The flexibility of Madison Cloud Private MutliCloud Storage is also noteworthy as it gives organizations the control to manage their entire cloud data footprint (file, block, and object) in any number of clouds through a single management console; a management console that can be operated from a tablet or even phone. There is even the ability to integrate an organization’s entire on-premise data footprint within the same console. The end result is cloud-level flexibility and simplicity on the storage layer that is long overdue.

Madison Cloud built PMCS on StorONE’s S1 software-defined storage. StorONE’s innovative software delivers high performance, next generation data protection and flexibility, and unlimited storage scale out. Partnering with StorONE gives Madison Cloud the capability to provide the benefits and features of innovative enterprise storage in the Cloud which allow for truly unified on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployments. This gives organizations the freedom to create a data strategy that achieves their goals without the typical limitations of cloud vendors or legacy on-premise storage providers.

“Madison Cloud’s use of StorONE’s Enterprise Storage Platform underscores our focus on creating the most efficient storage software that can deliver high performance with minimal hardware,” said Gal Naor, StorONE CEO. “Madison Cloud completes our storage consolidation goal by enabling customers to use the cloud of their choice yet consolidate data to a centralized storage cloud powered by StorONE. Madison Cloud is bridging the gap between on-premises storage and the cloud. We are proud that Madison Cloud chose our software to help customers realize the multi-cloud promise.”

About Madison Cloud

Madison Cloud is an innovative and fast-growing cloud and enterprise storage provider. Their Private MultiCloud Storage (PMCS) gives organizations the capability to centralize, simplify, and secure their cloud data or serve as a robust disaster recovery/backup solution. PMCS cloud deployments offer 100% private data storage with direct connect capabilities to all the main cloud services providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud allowing organizations to run workloads in multiple Clouds simultaneously from a single private storage enclave.

Madison Cloud’s on-premise storage provides the same game-changing enterprise storage features of Private MultiCloud Storage, built on StorONE software-defined storage, to on-premise datacenters and remote offices. The combination of PMCS and Madison Cloud On-Premise deployments allows for seamless integration, built-in replication, and the ability to manage an organization’s entire data footprint within a single management console. Learn more at

About StorONE

StorONE’s mission is to provide the industry with a solution that meets all the objectives of software-defined storage, plus data protection and resiliency that is 10X better than any other technology on the market along with system performance that is 10X better than the industry standard. Founded by proven disruptive serial entrepreneurs who have been awarded over 50 patents, and backed by top-tier industry luminaries and strategic investors, StorONE is completely changing the perception of storage from an IT cost center to a resource that provides organizations with a key competitive advantage. StorONE is headquartered in New York, with offices in Dallas, Tel Aviv and Singapore. Additional information about StorONE is available at: