Payment of Net Services Fees

Net Services Fees Percentage: __%

If Reseller’s End User requires that Madison Cloud contract directly with End User (“Approved

End User”), Reseller shall be entitled to the above percentage of the Net Services Fees, actually received by Madison Cloud from said End User, during a period of 12 months or until termination of this Agreement, whichever occurs earlier. Madison Cloud may renew the 12

month period by additional 12 month periods, at its discretion, if Reseller actively supports the End User account and the revenues received under the account increased when comparing the last full month of the above period, to the first full month Thereof.

Net Services Fees shall be paid solely on sales of Madison Cloud Products in which Madison Cloud contracts directly with a Reseller Approved End User. “Net Services Fees” shall mean: the invoice price billed by Madison Cloud to the Approved End User, for the Madison Cloud Products and excluding any actually incurred service or support fees, rebates, refunds, discounts, VAT and other indirect taxes and fees. The Net Services Fees Percentage due to Reseller shall be payable to Reseller on a monthly basis, on the last day of each calendar month, against receipt of Reseller’s invoice. The invoice shall be submitted on the basis of Madison Cloud reports of the fees paid by the approved End User during the previous month (e.g. fees received in December shall be paid on Jan 31). Payment shall be made only after Madison Cloud receives payment from the approved End User. Madison Cloud shall withhold taxes as required by applicable laws.